“Ascribe to the Lord the honor due His name; bring offerings

and come into His courts.” Psalm 96:8

Stewardship is about loving God with heart, soul, and mind and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is about who we are (self), whom we love (neighbor), and who loves us (God).  It is in the context of a loving relationship that we as people of faith prayerfully reflect on how we direct our:

  • Time

  • Talent

  • Treasure

What is a pledge?

  • A commitment to give a set amount of money to the church in the coming year.

  • An expression of gratitude to God for all that God has given us.

When we pledge a portion of our income to the work of the church we share out of our abundance to support the work of building God's Kingdom. It is neither simply a charitable donation nor a bill from the church. Pledges allow the Vestry to create an accurate budget because we know what our income from members will be. Since we cannot always predict our finances and life situations can change, pledges may be adjusted up or down during the year with a call or note to the treasurer.

The Vestry is committed to a budget that reflects good stewardship of our resources.

I will prayerfully consider my pledge!

I will prayerfully consider my pledge!

How much should I pledge?

Pledges are based on giving the church a percentage of your earnings. Every gift is important regardless of the amount. Each member should prayerfully consider striving for the Biblical tithe of 10% of our resources.

What does it mean to tithe?

The tithe is the Biblical standard of giving set by Jacob. As Episcopalians we work toward giving the Biblical tithe of 10% or more. For some of us, increasing our pledge in annual steps is a responsible way to work toward the goal. But we can all approach our decision prayerfully and faithfully, and in appreciation of the many blessings of our lives.

"Of all that you give me I will surely give one tenth to you." Gen 28:22